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Eau de parfum Les Infusions de Prada Carnation Prada

Eau de parfum Les Infusions de Prada Carnation Prada is a 2015 Oriental Spicy Floral Perfume by Prada for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Daniela Andrier . Top notes are Mandarin. Middle notes are Cloves. Base notes are Patchouli, White musks, Sandalwood, Styrax.


Carnation Infusion when Prada Infusions become a collection

Until 2015 however, enjoying the Infusions was only a reserved pleasure, with the collection of Ephemeral Infusions these scented elixirs are, finally, accessible to all! To open the ball to these celebrations, the same year Infusion d’Œillet and Infusion d’Amande were added to this precious collection, switching between classic perfumery and absolute modernity.

Carnation Infusion or Prada’s unconditional love for retro -modern perfumes …

Since Prada’s first steps in the composition of Infusions, the attractions of the hostess Miuccia Prada, like those of the formidable nose Daniela Andrier who accompanies her, lie in the art of beauty. The art of beauty would be, for Prada, to offer a perfume of excellence sculpted around raw materials of choice by exhibiting sources of inspiration from ancient perfumery mixed with original and modern influences . A perfume which would be the quintessence of Prada style in short.

So Stefano Cantino, Prada communications director says: “She loves [Miuccia Prada] old perfumes, one of her favorite shops in Milan is Mazzolari (the oldest perfume store in the city, Editor’s note). Les Infusions is a perfect illustration of his idea that “the future lies in our past”. In this, they certainly represent the most consistent fragrance project with the brand identity. “

With Infusion d’Œillet and its brilliant reinterpretation of the fetish flower of a little too forgotten perfumery, Daniela Andrier and Miuccia Prada persist in the mixture of eras. Indeed, the carnation was for decades a flower ( recreated from a mixture between note of rose and note of clove) particularly used for the elaboration of great perfumes such as Blue Hour, Après l’Ondée or more recently l’Air du Temps or Opium.

Then the carnation was lost over the years among the crowds of fruity or gourmet perfumes. Carnation Infusion reinvents it again by making it deliciously modern and with resolutely contemporary contrasting messages.

Carnation Infusion: the sensuality and freshness of an imaginary flower signed Prada

The collection of Infusions Ephémères de Prada is now open to a large public, one would have thought that the house would change the bottles of the new opuses, but it is not. Carnation Infusion retains the same thick and faceted glass as all its sublime predecessors, this time it will be dressed in a pink ribbon and a wonderful pale pink hue evoking the flower of the juice. Of course Carnation Infusion still sports the retro metallic plaque of the Prada founder “Prada.” Milano. Dal 1913. “

Carnation Infusion opens with the signature departure of its creator by offering supercharged mandarins that will combine with delight with a few spicy pink berries. At the heart, we discover a real bouquet of precious flowers built around notes of ylang-ylang, rose and violet. The surprise will come from the cloves and the pepper which will create the famous note of powerful and spicy carnation. Sandalwood from Australia and Patchouli leaf from Indonesia will form very sensual depths around the leather note of the styrax.

“The spicy notes of carnation associated with Sandalwood, Mandarin essence and Honduran Styrax offer a scent that is both sensual and fresh. Prada for Carnation Infusion.

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