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Gold Watan Eau de Parfum

Gold Watan Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by ANFAS. The notes of this fragrance are Cistus, oud, nagarmotha, floral notes, musk, sugar


“A story written with golden water… a history that cannot be erased…”
Inspired by the feeling of pure luxury conveyed by both pure gold and pure oud, Gold Watan is a shimmering vision of romance and exoticism. From the first spray, its royal lineage is clear, as the top notes feature a rich, resinous, potent oud and cistus combination usually reserved for a scent’s latter phases. In this instance, however, it proves the perfect introduction- powerfully evocative, yet so well balanced that the subtly sweet and smoky tones have room to shift and move, leading into an exuberant heart of woodsy, spicy nagarmotha and a smooth, multi-colored floral accord that adds softness to the oud’s pungent authenticity. Pillowy musk and the perfect amount of mouthwatering, crystalline sugar complete the intriguingly parallel evolution of the scent, as the progression from rugged to refined happens with such designed subtlety that you may not realize quite what’s happened until you find that you simply cannot stop sniffing your wrist. Sumptuous and authentic, yet delicious and delightful, Gold Watan is an unforgettable oud fragrance.

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