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    Kagiroi Parfum

    Kagiroi Parfum is a fragrance by Di Ser. The notes of this fragrance are Green yuzu, green shikuwasa, sansho seed, coriander, ylang-ylang, shiso, rosewood, vetiver, hinoki, cypriol, patchouli, agarwood


    An aromatic ode to the ancient beauty of Japan, Kagiroi represents the changes in the shade of the dawn sky over the mountains of Hokkaido, Japan. As the dawn sky transitions through shades of purple, yellow, orange and red, this scent that showcases many ingredients used for the first time in perfumery transitions from an aromatic slightly spicy top to an earthy and woody base, representing the ebb and flow in the stages of life. The perfume opens with notes of Japanese herbs and citruses, moves to a slightly floral spicy middle and settles into a deep woody base accentuated by the use of the Hinoki cedar that dot the mountain landscapes. A deeply personal and spiritual scent, Kagiroi is a scent of shifting aromatic complexities representing transitions in the journey of life.Parfum Edition: We are honored and delighted to offer the rare and precious Parfum edition of Kagiroi, which adds to the composition a precious specimen of Japanese agarwood, which adds rich, spiritual dimensionality and a truly impressive and long-lasting drydown to this already complex and wonderful scent.

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