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Lipstick Fever Eau de Parfum

Lipstick Fever Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Juliette Has a Gun. The notes of this fragrance are Raspberry, Violet Absolute, Patchouli Essence, Iris Absolute, Vanilla Absolute


A pop of color. A flush of warmth. A kiss imprinted on fabric. Lipstick is a true feminine essential, an iconic and timeless product. Lipstick Fever, the newest from Juliette Has A Gun, is a lovely, bright, and subtly sophisticated scent that enhances your natural beauty as effortlessly as its namesake. Built around the historic notes used in lipsticks- iris and violet- Lipstick Fever has a smooth, gently powdery floral character given a youthful burst of sunshine with a juicy, sweet raspberry note. Longevity and refinement are added with a woody patchouli and vanilla base, which also evokes the leather of another feminine staple- the perfect handbag.
A contemporary composition for women of all styles, Lipstick Fever is the new fashionable must-have.

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